Let’s talk about how to use an cleansing oil to create mindful cleansing routine with Theresa Edwards founder of Skin Alchemists!

Beauties… you know we love a cleansing oil. We love the whole experience of connecting with the skin as you clean, giving your face a gentle massage and inhale the beautiful scent of the oil… if you’re not yet converted to cleansing oils, we thought we’d ask an expert to share how she uses a cleansing oil to give you the tools and knowledge yourselves. . So recently we reached out to Skin Alchemists founder Theresa and asked her to share her mindful cleansing routine using her fabulous cleansing oil ‘The Humble Warrior’.

Skin Alchemists is a luxurious, performance-driven skincare brand whose roots lay in St Lucia. The brand is passionate about the use of potent active botanicals for their transformative power. This brand is about ingredients, lovingly harvested fresh, organic plant ingredients, natural minerals and aromatherapy blended to have a transformative impact on skin and wellbeing…everything in the range is created to appeal to your senses and to ultimately boost your wellbeing.

Here are some top tips for cleansing with an oil:

  • Apply an oil with dry hands: oil based products tend to emulsify when they come into contact with water, so they should be applied to dry skin. Water is then introduced at a later stage to remove leftover oil and dirt from the face.
  • Remove oil with warm water: use warm water and a warm flannel to gently wipe the face clean.
  • Don’t forget to inhale: for that mindful cleansing experience, take a moment after you apply the oil to your hands to inhale its gorgeous scent and just breathe.
  • Double cleanse: cleansing oils work best when followed up with another product like a creamy/gel cleanser or a scrub to really get the best clean.

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