My first question to you is …have you tried a sheet mask yet? Any sheet mask? If you haven’t then you need to grab one fast because they are pretty amazing especially when your skin needs a fast boost. If you have, then my next question is have you moved onto the dry sheet mask phenomenon yet?

Depending on who you speak to you get a different opinion about these two different types of mask: for example there are those that really love the wet sensation of traditional sheet mask, they love the fact that the serum is there to be seen and that that excess serum can be rubbed into the face and neck etc.. but on the flipside, there were those who really struggle with the gloopiness of a traditional sheet mask;  personally I like the effects of using a traditional sheet mask but I find it hard to relax when I’ve got one on simply because it keeps moving the serums keep dripping and I usually can’t wait to get it off. With a dry sheet mask there is no gloopy mess and they have extra ear fittings to make them easier to wear, plus in many instances they are reusable.

Let’s look at the science

  • Basically, the magic with a dry sheet mask is that the fabric used to make it is infused with skin nourishing and hydrating ingredients (of course each brand has its own specific formulation.)
  • The active ingredients are activated by the warmth of the skin, which releases them.
  • The sort of ingredients that are found in dry sheet masks are: peptides, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids etc…


  • Much as we love sheet masks it’s important to rotate your masks: for example if you have oily or congested skin, then a deep cleansing clay mask is a great choice or a charcoal mask for refining and detoxing.
  • Find the right ingredients for your skin type, as some may find certain ingredients irritate their skin.

What’s to love..

  • Easy to use
  • Can be a good addition to your skincare toolkit because they are a great quick fix hydrator
  • you can re-use most of them

There are a few dry sheet masks on the market, but we’ve selected two: The Swiss Clinic face perfecting dry mask and Jolee Hydra Glow dry mask.

Both of these masks can be used 3x, both have 87% actives, both hooks over the ears making them easier to wear, both require you to gently massage them once on to activate the ingredients and both promise effects that will last for 8 hours after use.

Swiss Clinic

This offering is the more expensive of the two masks that we have chosen, it promises that it is 87% actives and will work to increase moisture, tighten the skin, reduce fine lines, increase collagen production, rehydrate and nourish, and even out the skin tone. The brand suggests that for a complete treatment, you can purchase the three pack that you would use every day for nine days this pack comes with three uses. you can use it every day for three days.

Does it deliver?

Obviously what you benefit from will depend on the condition of your skin.

  • Moisture – skin does look and feel moist and plumped after usage.
  • Radiance – I can’t speak to radiance but I can say is that there’s definitely more glow after using this mask.
  • Ingredients include – avocado oil, camellia oil, Shea butter, Rosemary leaf extract, soybean oil.

Jolee Hydro glow

Again this mask has 87% actives and promises to protect against free radicals to brighten and reduce the appearance of age spots, to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improved cell renewal and moisture boost, and provide nourishment and increased elasticity.

Does it deliver?

  • Moisture – skin does look moist and plumped after usage.
  • Radiance – skin is more glowy 
  • Ingredients include-amino acids, rosemary extract, avocado oil, sheer butter, vitamin E

The verdict 

I really do believe that the condition of your skin will determine the kind of outcomes that you’ll get using sheet masks if your skin is prone to dryness and dehydration then using a mask like this is bound to give you dramatic results if however your skin is pretty well looked after then yes you will notice maybe increase moisture and maybe more of a glow but the results may not be as dramatic so it’s important to keep your expectations real: and of course brand promises regarding cell renewal and collagen production while the question is how do we measure that? So, will I use these again yes is the answer because they deliver what they promise in terms of moisture content glow and plump-looking skin and that’s what I need when I want a quick fix.

Swiss Clinic Face Perfecting mask

Jolee Hydra Glow mask

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