Charcoal is one of the most well-known ingredients out there. Many years ago, it was mainly used in medicine to treat alcohol intoxication and drug overdose. This amazing natural ingredient identifies toxins in the body and absorbs them before they reach the bloodstream. These days, it had been used in cosmetics on a large scale for a similar reason. Charcoal has a remarkable absorption capacity, it is used in cosmetics for its cleansing and detoxifying effect, getting rid of impurities, residues and excess sebum.

Charcoal in cosmetics

Widely known for its universal benefits when applied onto the skin.  It can be a key element in masks, soaps and various oral hygienic products, but is also used as a soap or makeup dye and food supplements. Activated charcoal is naturally absorbent and helps to gently remove stains, impurities, toxins. It leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, we’ve found lots of whitening powders that have it as the main ingredient.

Skin Benefits

There are many great advantages when using active charcoal to show our skin some love.

One of the most important things it does is that it acts like a magnet and attracts all the toxins from the environment that block the pores. Active charcoal is one of the best ingredients to care for oily skin. Used in a cleanser or mask, it can remove excess unwanted oil from the skin. You can cleanse your face once or twice a week with it as it can be drying, it’s mainly recommended for normal to oily types of skin.

Another huge benefit is that it improves the appearance of acne. Depending on how severe your acne is, and other causes, using a charcoal soap can help to exfoliate the skin and will also absorb the oils and toxins in the skin.

To fight acne, we also recommend using a charcoal mask to leave your face nice and clean! One that we really love is the Dermalogica Rescue Masque… we’ve published a full review which you can read here.

An exfoliating scrub with charcoal to remove the dead cells will also work wonders.

Charcoal is also known to calm and heal irritations of the skin, whether it’s a bee sting or a cut, charcoal  can help heal and relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

Last but not least, the activated charcoal – this wonder ingredient – can be applied locally as a paste in order to absorb venom and infection. It also reduces inflammation and reduces pain. Isn’t that great?

It’s so easy to prepare the activated charcoal paste, just add a bit of water into a little active charcoal powder and mix thoroughly until you get a spreadable texture and the massage it on the skin.

Beauties, I hope you will make the most of this wonderfully helpful ingredient, let us know what is your favourite way to use charcoal!

Viorela xx

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