As I sit here writing this, I am hoping that you are one of the lucky ones who is making a little time for some self-care, in this festive period. This is the ideal time for the kind of relaxed ‘me time’ where there’s no need to rush because hopefully there are no deadlines for you to meet over the next few days.

How to indulge? Well, this is the perfect time to indulge your spirits with some therapeutic bath oils… there is something so restorative about indulging in bathing rituals. It is one of the few times that we have the time to connect with our bodies as well as enter an almost meditative state of calm.

Many cultures treat bathing as a ritualistic affair for example the ancient Greeks and Egyptians took bathing very seriously and were known to associate cleanliness with spirituality amongst other things. 

In Japan, they have quite elaborate bathing rituals as they do in Morocco and Turkey …think Hammams and Turkish Baths. So in the spirit of encouraging you to take part in the ritual of bathing, here are some of our favourite bath products to lift your spirits and ease your soul. 

Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts
These Mauli lush and divinely scented Himalayan Healing Salts are a blend of minerals and therapeutic oils (about 13 I believe) as well as some rose quartz powder! Perfect for a soothing and healing soak.
Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil Collection
This stunning little collection features a range of oils from ‘relax deep’ to ‘inner strength’ so you can choose a different oil  depending on the mood and what you need at the time. A gorgeous little set.
Olverum Bath Oil
Run only half a capful of this product in a bath and you’ll be transported into a world of relaxation… it’ll help one unwind, sooth aches and pains and will moisturise your skin at the same time. We have reviewed this bath oil on our website before, check it out here.

Kiss the Moon Dream Bath Salts

There is something very therapeutic about taking a long, soothing bath, in salts and it’s even more powerful when the salts are so divinely scented that they have a transformative effect on your mood. Now of course, there are salts and there are SALTS and these ‘Dream Bedtime Bath Salts’ from one of our favourite sleep brands ‘Kiss The Moon’ are serious SALTS. These salts are heavenly scented with Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Chamomile essential oils all of which work in synergy to soothe and relax.

Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Oils

This kit contains nourishing oils with three scents – Rosa Verde, Jasmin de Lune and La Botanica. The scent lingers beautifully on the skin and can also be used in the shower.

(*PR gift/sample)

Buy the Bodhi and Birch Bath and Shower Oils from Bodhi and Birch
Buy the Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts from Mauli Rituals
Buy the Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil Collection from Liberty
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