Delarom has a gorgeous range of products. We love many of their products so we’re always excited to try something from this brand and we recently came across Delarom Acquaconfort Mask and knew we had to try it out. It is a very natural-based brand. Their products are formulated without parabens, silicone, mineral oil and animal-derived ingredients.

The mask itself smells nice and light. I have been using this a couple of times a week and have loved the results. My skin instantly felt softer – I kept wanting to stroke my face! I really enjoy using this mask when my face feels a little dry to give it a boost of hydration.

What’s in the Delarom Acquaconfort Mask?

It is fortified with Pomegranate Sterols which is a natural ingredient that improves skin hydration and reinforces its natural barrier. It creates a shield that actively fights dryness. Pomegranate Sterols can also be used as a natural alternative to petrolatum and animal-derived materials like lanolin. We’ve talked about the benefits of pomegranate before here.

Furthermore, the Delarom Acquaconfort Mask contains betaine, which is able to give superior hydration to the skin and can temporarily decrease the depth of wrinkles, leaving you with a smoother appearance.


How to use:

You can either apply a thin layer and leave this on your face for 5-10 minutes, or a thicker layer if your skin is ‘extra thirsty’. As suggested from the hydration this mask provides, it is aimed at normal to dry skin. After the 5-10 minutes, you massage in the rest of the mask in (my face certainly gets extra thirsty as it’s almost completely absorbed by then… my skin just drank it up!) and then either wash the remains off or swipe a cotton pad with a toner of your choice over your skin.

This mask has one potential irritant – some people find that shea butter in the face skincare can clog up their pores, so keep that in mind.

This is a nice, gentle mask that offers a good degree of hydration for my skin when it’s feeling dry. A lovely product!

Jessica xx

Buy it for £24 from Look Fantastic