So at last, your summer vacation is imminent and of course you are soooo ready to go, all you need to do is sort out those last vital bits and pieces …..namely your hand luggage beauty solutions.

Now, if you are anything like I can be, there is no way in hell that you are going to fit the beauty products that you’d like to pack in your handbag into that annoying ziploc sandwich bag thing that they force you to use at the airport …not even if they let you slip through with two of those sandwich bags.

Now here is the reality check: how much of what you’d like to carry would you actually end up using? Be honest babe…sit back and really think about this and if your answer is ‘not much’ then read on as you are clearly a super evolved, super chic traveler like me who has mastered the art of ‘less is more’.

Having spent enough years traveling long haul as a makeup artist, using every spare ounce of my luggage weight allowance for make up etc… for whatever shoot I was heading for, I became quite a pro at constantly seeking out the most effective beauty products. For me ‘effective’ means products that work not only on my skin, but where possible they boost my wellbeing too, so in the selection below almost everything ticks the wellbeing box without taking up too much space.

OM Skincare Mindful Traveller 
This newly launched chic and portable offering from Om Skincare allows you to keep your ‘Pure Glow cleanser’ and your ‘Daily Radiance moisturiser’ just where you need them while travelling. Who doesn’t want to get their glow on while travelling and your glow will be enhanced by the fact that this brand is all about mindful beauty so just sit back, close your eyes and say ‘Om’.
Prismologie Body lotion with Bergamot and Citrine 
This lush smelling body lotion from Prismologie is designed to not only moisturise, but to lift your spirits too with its use of botanical oils aligned with the energy of the confidence boosting crystal Citrine. As an added bonus it contains skin boosting Shea butter to protect and moisturise and Oat extract to soothe and promote healing. The one we have is part of a gorgeous travel set that we are really enjoying, you can see it all here.
Rodial Dragons Blood eye masks
These gel eye masks from Rodial are seriously moisturising! They are jam packed with the exclusive dragons blood complex…literally saturated, which makes them perfect for use in any environment where your skin is likely to get dehydrated… like a plane.
Neom Organics ‘On The Go’ Room Mist
Neom make these lovely ‘on the go’ room mists which they cleverly offer in a cute portable handbag size. This ‘De-Stress’ mist contains essential oils of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood. I love this on a plane to just spritz above my head to transform the stuffy airplane air.
Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist 
This 30 ml Mist is the perfect size for hand luggage. This is no ordinary mist as its infused with skin boosting rose, orange blossom and sage waters and is great at hydrating and soothing stressed skin. It works really well just before applying your face oil.
Tisserand Rollerballs 
The Tisserand ‘Sweet Dreams’ aromatherapy rollerball is a soothing fusion of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and jasmine. Just roll it on your pulse points, temples etc…and exhale. This is something we featured in our Holistic Beauty and Wellbeing special. If you’re curious, you can find out more here.
Vanderohe No1 Nourishing Serum 
This serum/face oil is a three course meal for your skin! If you’re keeping things simple but effective you don’t need anything else for your face on a plane. We absolutely love this serum and have posted a full review recently, you can read it here.
Calm Balm by Therapie Roques O’Neil 
This magical balm has been created to “offer vital support when nerves are frayed and need unification gently stroking them back to alignment” which makes it the perfect travel companion. I have to admit to being slightly obsessed with this product …I have one in my handbag and one on my desk! We’ve reviewed this wonder product before here.
Lanolips 101 Ointment
This award winning balm takes care of basically every skincare need…it’s a dense lanolin Balm that holds 200% of its moisture and is free from all nasties. What’s not to love with this desert island fave?
Dr Jackson Baobab & Rose oil 
This travel size of Dr Jacksons Featherweight yet deeply penetrative Baobab & Rose Oil is packed  with conditioning ingredients to fortify and hydrate skin from top to toe. This gorgeously rose scented oil makes a great massage oil too, perfect if your prone to a stiff neck, while sitting on that plane.
And just to prove to you that all of these goodies will fit nicely in one of those little plastic bags you get given at the airport… here you go! Perfect.


Denise xx

Buy the OM Mindful Traveller for £48 from OM Skincare
Buy the Prismologie travel set for £55 from Prismologie
Buy the Rodial Dragons Blood eye masks for £39 from Rodial
Buy the Neom Organics ‘On The Go’ Room Mist for £8 from Neom
Buy the Lanolips 101 Ointment for £10.99 from Feel Unique
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Buy the Vanderohe Serum for £88 from Vanderohe
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