If you’re a beauty addict, somehow no matter how many fabulous products you find and use, there’s always the desire to discover something new that works even better then what you have. Now I know that’s not great and as we all seek to minimise our imprint on our beautiful planet and become less wasteful the idea is to have a few things that we really love using and just repurchase them: but here’s the thing if we all continue to do that there be no point in new brands being developed and a lot of people would go out of business.

A good hand cream that delivers is one of those things that I’m always looking for. Every time I think okay, I’ve got my two or three favourite hand creams, someone comes up with a new offering that has the potential to be a winner. So, when Karen the founder of 79 Lux skincare sent me her new hand cream I was excited namely because 79 Lux never fails to deliver game changing products and I knew that their new covetable hand cream would definitely be one of those!  Karen really knows how to create products that people really want to use.

My anticipation was rewarded – as this cream is all that I expected and more.

First of all the gorgeous scent rose geranium which apart from it’s elegant fragrance , which leaves your hands gorgeously scented for ages which is very much needed as we all suffer with alcohol gel hands: plus Rose geranium is known for its ability to Brighten and tighten the skin as well as removing dead skin cells. Plus it’s anti microbial so it soothes as well.

This formula also includes Vitamin c which as you know is great for brightening and encouraging the skin to produce collagen and elastin, keeping the skin plump and firm.

Squalene is included because of its ability to lock moisture in the skin as it’s a natural emollient. It helps balancing oil production and have anti-inflammatory properties too. You can find out more about squalene here.

This is not called deeply restorative and protective and cream for nothing, it leaves your hands feeling nourished, looking loved and smelling gorgeous.

And I’d imagine that long term you’ll notice a difference in the quality of your skin… this protecting hand cream will help keep the skin plump, soft and moisturised.

Buy the hand cream from Harvey Nichols

(*PR gift/sample)

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