Beauties, can you believe we’re already heading into May?

We’re always trying new things to share with you all and we started our ‘Star Picks’ section to give you a sneak peek at what we’ve been loving in the last month… some of these are new products, and some are just new to us… but all of these are standout products that have really wowed us this month! So here are our Star Picks for April.

colourpop final

Coloupop’s Glitterally Obsessed: Avenue of the Stars

This glitter gel is insane. Although it’s technically not eye-safe (it has large bits of glitter in it that could aggravate the eys), I use this very carefully as a glitter eyeliner and it looks absolutely beautiful and will stay on all day without the use of glitter glue. It has gorgeous reflects in it, with a mix of glitter sizes to create a beautiful effect.

A word of warning though – there’s so much glitter compact into this that it can easily get messy and out of hand – but wow, it is beautiful. It’s also beautiful as a glitter highlight on the cheeks for a specific look – I could see this looking stunning in editorial looks and on the shoulders in the summer at festivals. It’s a decent sized pot too, so it’s going to last!

Colourpop has a beautiful range of colours and I’ll be definitely trying some more shades next time I do a haul.J xx

Buy the glitter for $8 from Colourpop

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

This is the first cleanser that The Ordinary has brought out and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love their squalane oil – it’s beautifully hydrating without being heavy – and this cleanser has that same quality. It’s a lovely and soft, unscented cleanser that melts when it makes contact with the skin like butter – love it! It removes makeup and dirt effectively and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft.

Sadly, it is not one that can also be used on the eyes as an eye cleanser. It may feel deceptively simple and unfragranced – but it stings when near the eyes!

J xx

Buy the cleanser for £5.50 from Beauty Bay

the ordinary final
urban veda final

Urban Veda Radiance Body Lotion

If you’re looking for a body lotion that is gorgeously holistic then look no further than this offering from Ayurvedic brand Urban Veda. Not only is this Ayurvedic, it also contains turmeric, marigold, patchouli and coriander so not only does it nourish and replenish your skin with its skin boosting botanicals, it also smells gorgeous! D xx

Buy the lotion for £12.99 from Urban Veda

Cosmetics a la carte Intense Volume Mascara

All you need to know is this: big, fat, juicy, lush glam lashes! Fab brush! Nonflaking so great for my contact lenses and No nasties! Oh yeah and beauty shortlist award winner! Boom! D xx

Buy the mascara for £29 from Cosmetics a la carte


EPARA Eye Serum

I’m going to admit that generally I’m pretty crap when it comes to using eye creams. There’s something about having to rub them in that puts me off. So you’ll be glad to hear that since getting my hands on this Epara eye serum I’ve become a consistent user! This serum is luscious but light, so that I only have to pat it on and my obviously thirsty eye area absorbs it’s blend of botanical extracts and natural oils. Yay! D xx

Buy the eye serum for £105 from Epara

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