Today is International Day of Happiness and we’re sharing some ways you can cultivate happiness in the everyday… it’s not always about those big moments, quite often it’s those small moments sprinkled throughout the day that bring true happiness.

Here’s some ways you can find moments of happiness every day.

 Embrace your Morning Routine

Enjoy the slow morning routine; rushing can just lead to stress and that can set your whole day off wrong.

Create a skincare routine you enjoy and turn it into a ritual that you enjoy a look forward to bring you some

Your morning routine should be an act of self-love, starting the day by showing yourself that you care and are worthy of this time. It can also cultivate a sense of calm.

 Nourish Yourself

Eat food that you both enjoy, but also makes you feel good – because you deserve it and it will also uplift your spirit.

Nourish yourself holistically too, find joy in a good book or podcast that you enjoy, prioritise activities that feed your soul and this will radiate from you.

Practice Gratitude

Take some time to practice gratitude, ideally in a journal. Write down what things brought you joy, what you’re grateful for… the more you look for it, the more you’ll notice them as you go on.

Before you know it, you’ll be noticing glimmers too, those moments of happiness throughout the day.

Connect with Others

Human connection is vital for our happiness and wellbeing. Take time to nurture your relationships, whether that’s with friends, family or your community.

The small gestures of kindness, sharing a laugh or a listening ear, will enrich your lives and contribute to the collective happiness of everyone around you.

From the simple pleasures of a morning skincare routine, to enjoying a moment of mindfulness during a sunset walk, finding happiness in the everyday is not only possible, but essential for our wellbeing.