Beauties, as you may have noticed, last year we began featuring more pieces about men’s skincare and wellbeing with the introduction of our ‘Men’s Edit’ section to give the men the love they deserve. This year, we’re taking it to another level by continuing our journey of sharing more pieces on men’s skincare and wellbeing. We’re also excited to introduce a new ambassador to the fold – Yann W Tanoe! Yann is a grooming influencer, model, entrepreneur, husband and father… and now he’s going to share his passion and experience for skincare and all things well-being with us for you! Here’s written for us before and he’s also shared his beauty journey, so we’re excited for you to see more from him in the future. So watch this space.

Here’s a little something from Yann…

Hello people, I am Yann, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, commercial model and beauty lover. As a man, I believe it is extremely important for me to share my thoughts and lend my voice to discussing topics to do with beauty, grooming and well being

The term beauty is very powerful. I don’t really think that the term ‘beauty’ is given the power it deserves. It is often seen as a softer word, feminine word. Sometimes it is seen as a weaker word or concept. As a man, I embrace the term beauty in its entirety and view it as a masculine and feminine concept. To me, beauty, like confidence, is an inside job. Your beauty is constructed by your inner light and dark- all these things that make you up as a person. It is something that you learn to build and radiate in your own way. Beauty is ‘your own way’.

Being beautiful is a demeanour, it is the way you treat yourself, if you are kind to yourself and your authenticity. One thing that I have found is that beauty does not have to be confident, it is also about embracing our authentic selves flaws and all.

In life, my affirmation is to radiate beauty around me. On the outside, it lies in my appearance, in the way I groom myself with care, love and fun. The energy with which you groom or take care of yourself really shows and communicates who you are to others. Inside beauty is what you consume intellectually, emotionally and how you nurture your heart space. Beauty and self-love are akin in my opinion. Once you can grow love in your heart space, your beauty is strengthened.

The lessons beauty taught me as a man are to be aware of my energy and be in tune with what I radiate and communicate with the world. It is a virtue that we all need to connect with each other and the world around us. That sensuality, sensitivity and consciousness is what we all need to be the best versions of ourselves.

So my invitation is… no matter your gender, orientation or how you view yourself, build a daily intention that will invite beauty in your life. It is one of the most conscious ways in which you can show yourself love.

Yann W. Tanoé