Beauties, was health World Heath Day recently and now more than ever, the topic of health is on everyone’s minds.

Let’s face it….we’d all like to become a bit healthier, but sometimes the very thought of making changes can be exhausting! But it doesn’t have to be complicated. We thought we’d share some little tips on how to be healthy every day… because in the long run, it’s making those smaller, more consistent changes that have the long-lasting impact on your own health.

Keep the majority of your food nutrient dense: Don’t stop eating the food you enjoy (even the unhealthy things) but keep it in moderation and balance it with wholefoods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, seafood, beans, and nuts. Making a food plan can help make this more manageable to make sure you have all the ingredients in the cupboards to make yourself something healthy and tasty.

Make Water your main drink: Flavour it with lemon and fruits… to make it interesting… but before anything else, try to drink water as your main drink with things like coffee, tea and fizzy drinks being your secondary drink to keep it in moderation. You’ll also find if you’re drinking lots of fizzy drinks that you’re consuming excess sugar and calories without even realising it.

Exercise Regularly: The Mayo Clinic recommends getting 30 minutes of exercise every day. Aside from helping you sleep, improving your energy levels and making you feel happier and better overall, exercise will also improve your health by lowering your chance of developing chronic problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. Even just going for a walk is something positive for your body… just make sure to move.  And on that point…

Make sure your exercise is fun! Trying to do an exercise regime that’s gruelling and you really hate isn’t going to be sustainable… if you’re not a fan of your exercise regime or feeling a little uninspired, try something new… you may find something that you love and want to do instead of dreading it.

Consider supplementing your diet: Many people lack of vitamins simply because they do not eat what is necessary for them or are just too busy to make sure they’re getting the right nutrients. This is an easy way to support your own health and wellbeing particularly during those times when you know you haven’t eaten the best and therefore not got all the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Furthermore, stress can also deplete vitamin levels in the body, so a topup will always be something positive. Make sure to also take care of your gut health! Here are some of Denise’s must-have supplements.

Socialize in Healthier Ways: moving forward through this pandemic has shown us there are other ways to socialise as well as bars and going out for meals all the time, why not plan to go on a walk with your loved ones if the weather is good. You could bring a nice picnic!

Start a sleep routine: If you struggle to fall asleep at night, creating a good sleep routine in the evening can really help you get in the right mindset to sleep. Jo Foster, founder of sleep brand Kiss the Moon said this: “reclaim the last 20 minutes of your day. take them back. Taking time to create a relaxing routine – like having a bath or turning off your computer – will signal to your body to start unwinding so you’re thoroughly chilled out when it comes to falling asleep.”

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks when doing chores – Make doing chores more enjoyable and enriching by listening to inspiring podcasts as you do your regular chores. It’ll help the time to pass quicker and it’ll also give you another opportunity to listen to something you may have been meaning to listen to, but haven’t felt like you’ve had time for.

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash