Beauties, we grabbed Nutritional Coach and skincare brand 79 Lux founder Karen Cummings-Palmer for a few questions about her lockdown experience, her wellbeing and about her brand.

What did you learn about yourself in lockdown?

Like so many lockdown made me focus on the beauty of simplicity and of family. In the absence of theatre, art galleries and the movies – looking up at the sky was my inspiration.  I spent a lot of time talking to friends in the states, without the possibility of real-life meetings, transatlantic relationships felt closer.  Every meal was an event, it was even more important than ever that food was both extremely nutritious and delicious.

As a health and wellness expert what wellbeing practices got you through lockdown that you plan to carry through post lockdown?

I have a morning ritual that supports both my health and beauty that I practice daily.  It starts with a stretch, followed by tongue scrapping, water and my morning movement which involves pilates and free weights for between 10 and 20 minutes.  I’ll often follow by oil pulling.  Then comes a green juice – I added ginger and camu came or rosehip for an extra vitamin C boost. I also have been cleaning out my sinuses with saline spray more often than usual during lockdown and that has continued as whilst we cannot control the virus we can certainly help manage our risks of infection and serious illness.

What tips/practices can you offer to those trying to manage their stress levels as we try to navigate these changing times?

Breathe deeply and consciously, spend some time outdoors every day and if you are lucky enough to live close to woodland, bathe in their healing powers. Most of us are using technology more than ever which is often very positive but make sure you have some time between small screens and sleep – if you can own the first and last hours of each day you’ll be much better equipped to cope with whatever may come your way.  Do not try and do everything in one go, instead commit to one health enriching ritual each week to live by.

Your product range 79 Lux celebrates self-care – why does self-care matter? why should we take it seriously?

Self-care is essential for our individual and collective wellness.  Just think about the negative energy that is so often around when someone is completely burnt out, overwhelmed or unwell because they have not taken time to care for themselves.    My clients often report being better Mothers, fathers friends, employers once they have been through a programme with me not only because of what they learn but the very act of investing in oneself is a catalyst for greater change.  Taking the time to care for your body – from daily movement to nourishing topical skincare like 79 Lux just makes everything look and feel better and that in turn encourages us all to do better.

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