Hair is something that is very personal and everyone’s hair is different depending on your heritage, along with how you’ve treated it over the years. Here, I want to share with you some products that I have been using recently that my curly hair has been really loving… and you might love them too!

Here’s a little background of my personal hair – I have a greek grandfather so have inherited the curls and I have also been dyeing my hair for years, even using a sparing amount of bleach on it… so it can get pretty dry over time. Here are some of the products I have been using to keep it all looking good and feeling great. As many of you curly haired beauties out there know, controlling the curls and frizz is done through a careful cocktail of products. Three key products for me are usually a serum, mousse and oil. Here are a few that I’ve found give noticeable results. It takes time to find the right combination to suit you, but these are some of my favourites at the moment and what they each do for my hair.

Key ingredients

One of the things that everyone with curly hair should know – curls are dehydrated so bringing moisture to the hair is key. Key ingredients you should look out for in your hair products are: avocado, coconut, shea butter Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil.  

Some ingredients to avoid when looking after curly hair: sulfates, silicones, mineral oil and petrolatum.

Schwarzkopf Professional Silhouette Super Hold Mousse

I have been using this mousse since my teenage years, my mother (who has similar hair to mine and is a hairdresser herself) swears by it, having used it for years as well. We’ve never found something that gives this level of control without feeling sticky or heavy. It can leave your hair a little crunchy if used a little liberally, but this is something I don’t mind – as at least it isn’t frizzy and applying a little oil afterwards usually takes down the crunch. It gives definition to my curls without weighing them down and they’re left looking glossy. I cannot be without this mousse, I have tried others but nothing works quite like this one. It is certainly long lasting as well and washes out with ease.  

This picture is just using mousse, without the usual serums, oils or creams – so this wouldn’t be a finished look, it still needs a little more taming, but it’s a great base and the difference is clear.

How to use: After shaking, dispense the mousse onto hand and distribute evenly through clean, damp hair.  

Palmers Dry Oil Mist

This mist smells so delicious, it’s like summer in a spray!

The main benefit that I have found from this product is that it’ll make the hair lovely and glossy, which is certainly something you need when the hair is dry, as it can often look a little dull and lifeless. I wouldn’t say that is specifically helps to control frizz but it’ll give you shine and will make you smell absolutely delicious… it makes me feel like I’m on holiday every time I use it.

How to use: On clean, towel-dried hair, spray the product evenly before blow-drying. On dry hair, this can be used as often as desired to boost shine.

72 Intense Replenishing Mask

This luxurious mask contains Avocado oil, wheat germ oil and keratin amino acids, which are all great ingredients to keep your hair feeling soft and nourished. It smells lovely, feels nice on the hair and is quite light so won’t weigh the hair down. As expected from a hair mask, the product itself is quite thick in consistency and it is a light yellow in colour. It washes out easily and leaves my hair feeling nice, soft and nourished afterwards.

How to use: Apply evenly through cleansed hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes before washing out.

Curlsmith Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum

This serum is packed with some really gorgeous ingredients. Some of the key ingredients include: Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, oat oil and shea butter, plus many more which will nourish and strengthen the hair.

I usually leave this in my hair overnight and I can still smell it on my hair in the morning, which is lovely and demonstrates the strength of this product. It starts as a solid product and then melts at the warmth of your skin, leaving my hair feeling very nourished. I love applying a little to the ends of my hair which is where it is the most dry, making my hair look smooth and moisturised – and it lasts until I wash it out. It really coats the hair –  I also like smoothing a tiny bit of this onto my hair when it is starting to look a little dry and it works wonders. If you have thinner hair, this might be a little too heavy for you but for those who are looking for more intense moisture and control, this one could be the one for you.

How to use: Scoop a teaspoon sized amount into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together until it transforms into a silky smooth oil and distribute through the hair evenly, leaving it to air dry. For overly damaged hair, wrap in cling film and leave to sink in overnight.

Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil

This silky oil contains six natural oils – coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower, palm and wheat germ to feed and protect your hair. I love the idea behind how you use this this one – you apply it to your hair and then sit in a hot bath to let the oil penetrate the hair follicles. You’re supposed to apply quite a lot to your hair, like you would a regular hair mask, which I found a little tricky to do as it was an oil, so it took a while to do. My hair felt very nice afterwards, with a nice shine to it. I really love the ritual behind this – coating your hair in this luscious oil and then relaxing it on warm bath – the perfect little bit of me-time and a time to relax, all as your hair gets nourished and strengthened.  

How to use: Section off hair or apply a liberal amount of the oil on the scalp and ends and massage in. Wrap head in a warm towel or plastic cap and sit under a steamer or in a steamy bath or warm room for 20 minutes. When rinsing, add water to the oil and rub in, then wash and condition as usual.

Aveda ‘style prep’ and ‘curl enhancer’

These two products work in tandem together (but can of course be used separately) and work like a dream together. I would usually start with the ‘style prep’ before applying my mousse and other products. It contains wheat protein and organic aloe blend to help control frizz, absorbing right in without weighing the hair down and helps to calm the hair. After my mousse, I’ll apply the curl enhancer. It’s a little thicker in consistency than the style prep, also including a wheat protein blend to combat the frizz. They are both pretty lightweight so don’t feel heavy on the hair at all, whilst nourishing your hair and giving you some control. They also both smell very nice, but the scent is not overwhelming. I feel like together they give my hairs a gorgeous amount of volume as well as defining the curls as they are both quite lightweight.

How to use: Apply to towel dried or damp hair and allow to air dry or use a diffuser.

So there it is… some of the products I have been loving recently to keep my curls under control and replenish some of the lost moisture. I love to take care of my hair, particular as it grows longer and could become more fragile so I’m always trying new things to see how they impact my curls – and these are some things that have been really working for me and are a joy to use.

Jessica xx


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