It’s all about “Superfood LX” Hair care

Isn’t it  funny how you can sometimes keep coming across the name of a brand without actually knowing much about it…well this was the case with this fabulous brand “Superfood Lx”! Our first introduction to this brand was at the launch of the unique ‘AtBar’ Beauty Boutique in North west London. So when we received an invitation to attend the “Superfood Lx” mini launch party at the Princes Trust we went along to find out more.



Lovely, well thought out and informative display that really provided insight into the brand, and it had before and after pictures to illustrate just how effective the products are.



The ingredients of the bestselling ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Illuminism’ were on display …lot’s of hair friendly nutrients helping to back up the claim that Superfood Lx products are a ‘Balanced meal’ for the hair, skin amd nails.  So far, Intelligence has been used successfully by all hair types. For afro hair types, it is typically used as a leave on scalp treatment and all over the hair to rehydrate and soften. There’s  also a dynamic range of nutritional supplements to build strong hair, skin and nails from the inside.

imageThere was also a ‘Make your own/ private blend service – where you you could create a custom blend product of your own product.
SuperFoodLx is a new luxury vegan beauty brand which specialises in the use of superfood ingredients to create hair growth and skin correction remedies. We love the story behind this brand, which was created by mother and daughter team Cherry and Paula Francis in response to a difficult hair episode. Cherry says  about IntelligenceWe decided to call the product Intelligence because it works on all hair types and ethnicities from the densest afro to poker straight blonde hair. Because all the ingredients are plant based and natural, the scalp and hair responds accordingly to the nutrients and takes what it needs to regain its inherent health and ‘intelligence’”.
I’ve been using Intelligence as a daily ‘hair tamer’ for a couple of weeks and my hair is definitely softer and better hydrated, so watch this space for more on this fab brand  later in the year, in the meantime you can find them here

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