Beauties, do you use a hair oil? We’ve been trying out the SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil from the brand Haer.

This is something that not everyone is familiar with using, and it’s something that is particularly used by those with curly and afro hair as those hair types tend to be on the drier side. So what does a hair oil do for you?

  • It can help improve the quality of your hair
  • It can also protect your hair by preventing damage. They are lubricants, so great for detangling hair and preventing knots when applied to wet hair and are also a sealant so they seal the cuticle down.
  • It can help make your hair shinier and smoother – therefore less frizzy and feel softer.
  • By massaging certain hair oils into your scalp, it can help stimulate hair growth.

Recently, I have been trying out the Haer SUSINUM Luxuriant oil and have been absolutely loving it – here’s my thoughts.

Beautifully light in texture, this hair oil deeply nourishes the hair and gives it a lovely shine without weighing it down or making it feel greasy. The scent of this hair oil is absolutely gorgeous, I cannot get enough of it. It’s a very thin oil so a lot goes a long way.

With consistent use, I noticed that my hair was shinier – I like to use this after I’ve finished diffusing my hair to soften the gel cast which works beautifully. I also like to apply this when my hair is starting to look a little dry and in need of nourishment to revive the curls without adding any extra weight or making it look greasy. Love it.

Some of the key ingredients of the  SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil from Haer include:

  • Watermelon Seed Extract – helps you get glossy, healthy hair.
  • Egyptian Blue Lotus – has conditioning properties to increase the natural shine of damaged hair
  • Nourishing Moringa – The rich nutrients such as zinc (which is essential for maintaining healthy hair) help boost keratin production to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. Additionally, the proteins in moringa oil also help to protect hair from potential damaging factors such as heat and the environment.
  • Health-giving Pomegranate – it can help smooth frizzy hair and deeply condition it.
  • Regenerative Black Cumin – also hydrates the hair, soften skin, and act as a moisturizer.

Here’s what the brand has to say…  

Whilst working with many products, particularly hair oils, Rámon always found them to be made with either artificial silicones and petroleum-based serums, or formulated with very basic plant oils that were often too oily. Rámon always found it difficult to use a styling and treatment oil that was of complete natural botanical origin, that offered all the benefits you’d want from an oil without the oily residue.

Nobody wants heavy, oily hair! So, armed with 20 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry and a long standing love for organic and natural living, Rámon set out to create the first in the HÆR Care family, a nourishing treatment oil, exquisitely blended with 18 of the most effective, 100% natural botanical origin ingredients, that would deliver great results without leaving an oily residue.

They also shared this before and after shot with us to show you how it looks on the hair:


It’s an oil so doesn’t give your hair any hold like a gel or cream, it just helps to give the hair some life to it: a shine, nourishment and it smells amazing.

Sustainable Because…

  • 100% natural botanical origin
  • Ethical – Registered with The Vegan Society and approved under the Leaping Bunny programme by Cruelty Free International, the international gold standard for cruelty free products.
  • Sustainable – No synthetic or chemical-based ingredients – all you want from a hair oil, naturally
  • This is an absolutely beautiful hair oil!