Do you find that your curls lose definition easily? I often find that issue with my curl type… so when I read the description for the new curl gel from Trepadora, I was sold.

“The BAMBOO GINSENG CURLING GLAZE is a super-hold styling gel that sets curls FAST! It is lightweight yet delivers outstanding hold and shine for WAVY and LOOSER curl patterns that tend to lose definition easily.
Goes on like a gel, sets like a mousse with superior hold and volume!

I thought YES! This is the product for me!

Now, I’ve tried other products from Trepadora in the past including their other gel, and I’ve really enjoyed them, so I had high expectations when coming into this.

I was not disappointed! This gel gave me gorgeous, juicy and defined curls that held up all day long!

What’s to love…

The Trepadora Bamboo Ginseng Curling Glaze has more of a sticky rather than slippery feel to it – but with still enough glide that it’s easy to apply to the hair and set everything in place.

This has a strong hold but doesn’t weigh the hair down. And my curls also looked very smoothed – it helped to control those flyaways which is really nice.

It also says that it helps increase drying time and I have to say, I do feel like it diffused quicker than usual.

The gel gives you a really good cast that can be scrunched out with something like an oil, to seal everything in and make the hair look gorgeous.

Even the next morning, I could still feel the products in my hair, not in a bad way but in a way that meant I could do a quick refresh and be good to go.

This product also works well on top of others: some of the other gels and creams I use don’t have quite the amount of hold – I like to add a teeny amount of this on top to really boost it for maximum hold!

Even if you have tighter curls, this gel will help to define and maintain the hair… not just for looser curl types.

It also has lovely nourishing ingredients for the hair including: 

  • Bamboo extract – for stronger, thicker curls
  • Ginseng Extract – for preventing hair loss
  • Pullulan – (an anti-aging skincare ingredient that provides a tightening effect) to enhance and tighten limp waves + curls for more volume and even springier curls!

This has definitely rocketed up into my favourite gels and find myself reaching for this more often than not… and even when I use other products, I sometimes just add a little tiny bit of this one over the top to bring everything together.

What do you look for in a styling product for your hair?

Buy the styler for £23 from Trepadora