It is not always easy to find good and effective cleansers distant combination skin of course we want our skin to benefit from skin loving ingredients and of course we want our skin to be left clean not squeaky but the equivalent of – without a lipid barrier been stripped bare we want our skin to be seriously clean and yet comfortable and smooth.

The thing with combination skin is that it is neither completely one thing e.g. dry or the other e.g. oily but a special blend of the two, so you can probably relate to buying a cleanser that is designed for normal to dry skin and finding that your combination areas developed blackheads or using a cleanser for oily skin and find that is just too much for the areas that are not oily. 

So I am going to share a few of my favourite cleansers with you and hopefully you’ll find something here that works for your skin.

Tula Purifying Cleanser 

It’s not easy to find a cleanser that works for a variety of skin types. This is called a purifying cleanser, but unlike some cleansers that are designed to be purifying this doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling dry. This is one of the few cleansers on the market that contains probiotic technology as well as ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory qualities.

This lathers nicely, and a little goes a long way. The result:  leaves skin feeling really clean and soft, plus it has a lovely fragrance.

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S5 Skincare Neutralise cleanser 

This cleanser has lightweight milky sort of consistency and look to it. When I apply it to my skin and start to massage my face with it, it almost feels as though it is not making contact with my skin and so when I first used it I doubted I was going to like it or that it would have any effect on my combination/oily skin: let me try to explain what I mean – with an oil cleanser or a cleansing Balm you feel that it’s connecting with your skin seeping into the pores and doing its job with this it feels as though it sliding off your face and is only when you get to the end of your massage process that you notice but it has actually sunken into the skin. When I then use my muslin cloth to finish the cleansing process I realised what an effective cleanser this really is it really cleans the skin beautifully, leaving flawlessly clean silky and glowing skin: I am loving this.

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Buy the Neutralise Cleanser for £24 from S5 Skincare

DHC Deep Cleansing oil

I have to say that this is one of my personal favourites because it does what it says on the bottle; it deep cleanses my combination skin perfectly, leaving it feeling clean but hydrated. You’ll love this if you like a bit of ‘squeak’ in your clean.

This oil is designed to remove makeup …all makeup even the waterproof stuff. It contains olive oil and skin boosting vitamins which means that it leaves my skin looking and feeling good.

The DHC Deep Cleaning Oil is £12.50 from Look Fantastic

Eve Lom Cleanser

This powerful cleansing balm from Eve Lom is one of those legendary products that never fails to impress. I call it powerful because it really does make a difference to the skin. It deep cleans, exfoliates and tones the skin with an aromatic blend of essential oils including clove which has antiseptic qualities, eucalyptus to remove toxins, Egyptian chamomile to soothe and soften all mixed with cocoa butter which nourishes and conditions. This works with a muslin cloth which helps with the exfoliating. I love the way this cleanses my combination skin and a little goes a long way.

The cleanser is £55 from Look Fantastic

Zelens D tox foaming cleanser 

This cleansing foam leaves my skin clean, perfectly clean without feeling taut. Clean and feeling and looking perfectly balanced and healthy; the sebum zones are clean, the drier zones are balanced and my skin is smooth and ready for the next stage.
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The cleanser is £48 from Net-A-Porter

Orveda clay mud cleansing powder with konjac sponge 

This cleansing powder transforms into a foam when water is added to it and is designed to both cleanse and exfoliate all skin types, including sensitive. The brand say “Our Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder is a balancing, cleansing and exfoliating care comprised of more than 60% actives, designed to deeply cleanse and remove make-up residue and impurities..”
I like the fact that you are provided with your own mixing bowl and Konjac sponge, although I have to confess that I prefer using it with my muslin cloth as my combination skin does love it. This gorgeously scented powder turns into a foam that feels lovely on the skin: after cleansing with this my skin is left feeling beautifully clean and silky. This cleanser is so skin friendly, that it’s easy to be tempted to use it everyday although the instructions suggest 3-4 times weekly.
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