Beauties I have to say that I just love when Valentine’s Day comes around. Not because I get excited about romantic dinners or bunches of flowers from Him… because I’m not keen on sitting in a restaurant with hundreds of other couples just because it’s the official love day, but because it’s the perfect time to declare self love and to be good to yourself.

So here are a few treats that will make you feel loved and loving….

Before you do anything else, set the mood and create a space that soothes and relaxes…a gorgeously scented candle works for me and as a candle addict I burn candles every day, both at home and at work, so you can imagine that when I’m stepping into goddess mode the candles are lit. These 3 candles are truly lush.

Therapie Roques O’neil have created this ‘Love’ candle for times like this They say “This candle is inspired by love, it is sensual, devotional and uplifting helping you to cultivate that inner smile. A rich blend of sensual florals to lift you out of the doldrums and connect with your inner diva, uplifting ylang ylang, magnolia, jasmine accented with wild orange and spice notes of allspice and pink pepper”. 

Kiss The Moons Dream candle is formulated with the heavenly scents of lavender and bergamont and like all of the candles here, it envelopes you in its soothing fragrance.

Lastly Diptyques Rosamundi candle is a limited edition created specially for Valentines Day. Like all Diptyque candles you can smell the purity of the fragrances used and this one consist of an opening with top notes of Blackcurrant, Bergamot and Lychee, it envelops into Centifolia Rose and Damask Rose heart notes. It’s anchored by a woody White Musk and Mossy base. Oh yes and just in case you were wondering the  ‘Rosa Mundi’ candle is an homage to King Henry II’s mistress, Rosamund Clifford.


Bathing is a ritual that goes back centuries, and when I say centuries I’m thinking about goddeses like Cleopatra and based on what we know this Queen had certainly  perfected the art of bathing. Ok, so back to our reality: you to can be like a goddess by treating yourself to a soothing, skin pampering , mind body and soul relaxing bath. Popping some oils or bath salts will transform your bath into a soothing and healing soak. I’ve picked  a couple of my favourites… the Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts and the Olverum bath oil, these are both powerful blends that are guarenteed to make you smile.

Himalayan Healing Salts from Mauli: these divine smelling salts are a blend of minerals and therapeutic oils (about 13 I believe) as well as some rosequartz powder! Perfect for a soothing and healing soak… really nice for a nighttime ritual

Bath oils

The Olverum bath oil is magical which you’ll discover as soon as you open the bottle! The powerful and therapeutic scent combination of Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon, Lime and eucalyptus envelop you…if you want to know more, read my review here.  This box of Aromatherapy Associates bath oil miniatures is perfect if you’ve not used their oils before and perfect if you’re and addict like me. These are seriously potent oils and there is a blend for every need… Deep Relax might be just what you need to help you to feel amazing.


If you’re giving yourself a bit of a pamper evening, a face mask is a definite must-have. This Black Rose mask from Sisley is seriously indulgent. This is one of our favourite masks and we reviewed it here.


Give your hands a treat with this lush cream from Lanolips. It’ll leave your hands feeling silky-smooth and rose-scented.

This hand cream was featured in a recent post of ours, read here.

Beauties, whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day, enjoy it.