Every year, the nails on the runways astound us, and the spring/ summer 2017 nails are no different. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer 2017 nail trends are all about playing with expectations, whether by playing with bare nails or going all out with designs.

Some of the nail stylists this season kept things subdued, while others chose to be garish. There is something for everybody when it comes to the spring/ summer 2017 nail polish and nail art trends. I am firstly going to share the secrets to the go to shape.

Short & Rounded – there were a lot more shorter nails on the runways this season. Short and chic, with a ton of nail polish options for them.

Oval – Oval nails will always be in style, because their shape is elegant yet practical. They are long enough to allow manicurists to get a little wilder with their designs, but because they are not too long the nail never looks over the top.

Long/Almond – Most nail artists opted for natural nail lengths, with the exception of long press on nails where the designs were more creative. However, the shape of the long nails was kept almond, rather than the more extreme stiletto nail shape.

Negative Space with a splashes of Colour

Manicurists created low effort yet high impact spring/ summer 2017 nail trends, by adorning the nails with just a splash of colour on a negative space nail bed.

The models at Emilio de La Morena had a sweep of baby pink polish applied to only half the nail, really keeping this trend simple. We saw a similar design at Vera Wang, but with black or white nail polish instead of pink, placed in the center of the nail with a matte top coat.

Bedazzled Nails

The secret to sporting such an exuberant style of nail is precise jewel application, and a very strong nail glue.

At Philipp Plein, the bedazzled nails were subtle – little golden jewels were camouflaged by an all-over gold polish. At The Blonds, nails were painted monochromatic shades, and then topped with three jewels along the center.

Graphic and Sketchy Designs

There is something special about getting a little free flowing with the nail brush, and doing whatever your mind desires. Nails are a canvas that allows for a lot of creativity, despite their small size, and playing with lines is one way to get interesting. We saw some lovely sketchy and line-based spring 2017 nail art trends this season.

Christian Siriano, the nail created were a black and white designs drawn along the edge and sides of the nails, over a teal base colour.

The Graphic nail design choice for the Nicole Miller show was all about crosses in contrasting shades of green and red, painted over a bare nail, another of the season’s trends.

Reverse French

Nail artists painted a base of colour in a nude or a white polish and then framed the cuticle with a predominant bright or darker shade.  As seen at Fyodor Golan (me, being the lead manicurist of the show). With a pierced nail and a dangling crystal hanging from the tip.


The Chandelier Nail

The Chandelier Nail by Sabrina Gayle for Fyodor Golan SS17. Model. It’s a playful take on the traditional French manicure and set to be a huge trend for the upcoming spring summer 2017.

Sabrina says: “Fyodor Golan SS17 has combinations of neons, denims and dark blue hues in the collection, so I worked with the team to bring this to life in the nail look. Depending on the model’s outfits, I chose either a bright pink or a dusky rose as the base colour, finishing with a vibrant royal iridescent blue to create a reverse French manicure. The iridescent texture of the blue compliments the collection so well, as many of the jackets and skirts are holographic. As there was a lot of haberdashery in the Fyodor Golan studio, I decided to add crystals to some of the girls’ nails, by piercing the tips and handing them with miniature rings.”

Products used: ORLY EPIX Overexposed, ORLY EPIX Melodrama, ORLY EPIX Outtake, ORLY EPIX Sealcoat.

At Taoray Wang, the creative manicure was achieved by nail expert Rose Velez-Miggins, who painted the nails with a coat of warm beige, and then with a small brush applied baby blue like an extreme half moon, showing how easy no mess French oval tips can be achieved with this technique.

Nude Nails

The Nude nail is here to stay every season and is especially in for the spring/ summer 2017. The nail looks fresh, healthy, and natural, but at the same time still a little unique. You can never go wrong with a nude as it will go with any ensemble. Some nude nails were paired with a French tip in a bold colour, black or white.

The choice for nude nails dominated at Alexander Wang, but there were also a few examples of this nail color at Mulberry.

Matte Metallics

This season a lot of designers opted for metallic gold and silver nails, but instead of allowing them to shine too much, they were painted over with a matte top coat. This was an especially interesting choice, when contrasted with all the solid, glossy colors we saw at some of the other shows.

On the Michael Costello runway, nails were painted a matte shade of gold, but also fell into another of summer 2017 nail art trends: weird French manicures. The tips of the models’ nails were painted a deep purplish burgundy. There were also some matte silver nails at Desigual, in addition to a few other designs.

Embellished Cuticles

Nail artist Tracylee’s choice at Rodarte to paint the nails in a nude colour, she then used a thin striper brush to create a thin line of gold glitter along the cuticle. A truly beautiful ad delicate  finish.

Block Colour

Block colouring in beautiful bold and bright colours was seen on many shows with a super glossy top coat. Tibi presented some of the various summer 2017 nails possible. We also saw the models’ round and oval shaped nails painted with solid and glossy shades with a contrasting colour at the base of the nail at The Jeremy Scott show.

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