We’re thankful to be part of a community that is always working towards positivity – working to lift each other up and empower each other. It’s something we strive to do with Wow Beauty every day. To us, International Women’s Day is another opportunity to us to continue to support and encourage each other.

So today, we’re giving a shout out to all of our incredibly brave My Beauty Journey women – these are pieces from amazing women who have shared their stories to self-empowerment to help inspire others. We also want to talk about the amazing female entrepreneurs that have created some of our favourite brands – check out our interviews with these founders where they discuss their products along with some wellness tips along the way!

However you’re celebrating the day, beauties, we hope it’s amazing and we hope to continue to inspire and empower you.

My Beauty Journey

Firstly, let’s start with our latest. Tami is our most recent My Beauty Journey story… check it out!

Founders Talk

Founders Talk: Filmed Interviews

Some of our Founders Talk interviews are also filmed in conversation with our Founder, Denise Rabor. Have a watch!