Okay, so not many of us are really considering travelling this year, and with so many countries on the red list and covid-19 still a real cause of anxiety and concern, it’s easy to just carry on and not consider taking a break… but you should still take some time off work this summer and treat yourself to your own ‘staycation’ – because you still deserve some time to relax and rejuvenate… even if it isn’t on a tropical beach.

At first, the idea of a ‘staycation’ might sound a little bit depressing, but I’m here to tell you that a staycation can be very restorative too!

The one thing that it requires is that you commit to it – so whether you’re taking a couple of weeks or just a few days off, here’s our guide on how to do it in style… your style.

A big part of that commitment requires that you take a step away from work and treat it like a proper vacation: so complete all those outstanding tasks, set your work messaging to say ‘away’ and off you go.

First things first: if you want a successful break, then before you even start your ‘staycation’ it is all about the planning – think about the things that will relax you, restore you and bring a smile to your face….the devil is in the detail!

It’s the perfect time to indulge in those activities that you are always thinking of doing but never get the chance to, so whether it is going to exhibitions or going to the cinema, the theatre, concerts  etc…this is your opportunity. It might be that you want to try some new holistic treatments or relaxation techniques or that yoga class that you’ve been reading about that you never quite managed to get to this is your chance to.

A staycation can be the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and your wellbeing…Equally, you might just enjoy the freedom to do nothing and take each day as it comes… especially if your work life means that you hardly ever get to spend time enjoying your home …it’s your time to use as you wish.

Here are some ideas for a Wellbeing focused staycation:

For the duration of your staycation why not make your daily personal care routine into a mindful beauty routine: this means taking time to connect with your skin when cleansing both face and body, enjoying the fragrances and textures of your products, the pressure of your fingers on your skin as you massage the various lotions and potions in.

Why not try: using a cleansing oil, or balm

Make time for restorative processes like long baths bolstered by aromatherapy oils or reviving bath salts. Bathing is an ancient ritual that is known for being amazing at relieving stress and tension.

Why not try : Aromatherapy Associates Bath oils, Therapie Roques O’neil bath salts, Better You Magnesium Salts or Kiss the Moon Bath Infusions

Look at your sleep patterns and if you’re not sleeping well generally, this is the perfect time to try some sleep remedies, or maybe experiment with the 10 PM bedtime theory and see what difference it makes.

Why not try: sleep spray like Tisserands Pillow Mist, a warming sleep mask from Spacemasks, magnesium spray from BetterYou.

Do some reading

Why not try: Self-compassion by Gloria Steinem

You can also

Listen to some podcasts

Listen to music

Start your mindfulness practice – what better time to start?

If your budget allows it why not try one of those alternative treatments that you’ve been wanting to try like e.g. reflexology, acupuncture or reiki.

Go for a steam or sauna.

However you decide to spend your time, just enjoy it.

Denise xx