Mascara is the one makeup item that most of us must have in our makeup bag and it’s also the one item that we are always searching to improve upon. So what makes a good mascara? Well that depends on the kind of lashes that you have but also upon the kind of lashes that you wish to achieve.

The basics are that we all want a long lasting, non-flaking product that makes our lashes look better.

There is a mascara for everyone and more recently mascaras are stepping into the realms of skincare with lash nourishing ingredients, so your lashes can be lengthened, volumised and healthy. Plus, most new mascaras are good at multi tasking… so they add volume and length or volume and definition.

Here are some options below on how to get the lashes that you’ve always wanted.

Firstly… Try a mascara primer

One thing that makes such a huge difference is trying a mascara primer. Much like an eyeshadow primer can make a huge difference to your eyeshadow, a good mascara primer can transform your lashes.

Why not try…

Estee Lauder
Little Black Primer

L’Oreal Paris
Paradise Mascara Primer

If your lashes aren’t very healthy, try a nourishing mascara

Lashes need TLC too and there are now mascaras out there that include loving, nourishing ingredients that over time, will help strengthen them, making them longer and thicker.

Yes, you can also get specific treatments which can help your lashes, but I love a good two in one – so if I’m able to both treat my lashes and also get myself ready for this day, this is a definite plus.

Waterproof mascara’s can damage the lashes when being used too frequently – so if you’re trying to grow your lashes, maybe put down the waterproof for a while

Why not try…

L’Oreal Paris
Paradise Mascara 

Kevyn Aucoin
The Expert Mascara

If you want to curl straighter lashes

Try a mascara with a curved brush. They help to open up the eyes and wing them out to give them a lift.

 Why not try…

Black Magic

Lash Sensational

If you want lush, full lashes

If you like your lashes to look lush and full then try an ‘hourglass’ shaped wand, as they are designed to provide an even application of mascara plus you can apply more than one coat with ease.

If you’re looking for Volume and length, try using the two mascara technique: this is where you might start with a thinner brush mascara to completely coat your lashes, followed by either a volumising or a lengthening mascara for added va va voom! If you want to lengthen short lashes, look for a mascara with a thinner brush as this will enable you to go from root to tip with ease.

Why not try…

Caution Extreme Mascara



Yves Saint Laurent
Volume Effet Faux Cils

Estée Lauder
Sumptuous Knockout 

False Lash Effect Princess

Cosmetics a la carte
Intense Volume Mascara

If your lower lashes need some work

 Sometimes, this fabulous mascara wands designed to give you gorgeous lashes can be quite messy when you try to use them on your lower lash line. You end up having to clean everything up afterwards, and it’s basically a little clumsy.

I love using a small, precise mascara specifically designed for the lower lash line for that neat, perfectly even look.

Why not try…

Lower Lash Mascara

Bottom Lash Mascara

What’s your favourite mascara?

Denise Rabor