Beauties, it’s World Health Day on Sunday and it’s also Stress Awareness Month for the whole of April… phew! We speak a lot about health here and we wanted to take out some of the top tips from across the posts to share with you about health and wellbeing!

Firstly, we want to talk about something we’re VERY excited about… we’re holding a Women’s Health event next month! In our opinion don’t get spoken about enough. So with our expert panel we’ll take a holistic deep dive into fibroids, endometriosis, painful periods, perimeopause, menopause and more!

Tickets are now on sale


Let’s start with some tips on how to gain a good nights sleep! Read our post about how to reclaim your nighttime routine and more.


Gut health is something that people are talking about more and more – which is great!

Here’s a selection of features about Gut Health that we think you’ll enjoy.

Want to find out more about Gut Health from a Qualified Nutritionist? Here’s our interview with the fabulous Sandra Greenbank

Drink to Gut Health

Say goodbye to bad tummy!

Get your hormone balance back on track

Is your hormonal balance off-track? In this piece from Yvonne R Wake (BSc MSc RPHNutr and Life Coach), she talks about how the real key to beautiful skin lies in how well you are looking after your endocrine system and what you can include in your diet to improve your health. Read the post.

How what you eat affects your skin

This is another piece about how what you eat affects your skin – this is from the fabulous Nutritionist Sandra Greenbank. Read it here.


As it’s also Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to talk specifically about how stress affects you and some of our tips (and tips from experts) on how to manage stress.

Honour Yourself


Feeling stressed and struggling to cope?