I like to think of winter  as a time of nurture, repair, planning and growth. That’s a lot of pressure for one season I hear you exclaiming …all of this isn’t just in the psychological or emotional sense but also relates to our health and skincare too. You don’t need to look too far to find articles about what lotions and potions we need to be using to protect our skin from the ravages of winter, which is great, but of course the nurture and repair process really does begin on the inside with healthy skin …….Here’s our guide to help your skin to survive winter in a stress free way!

As with everything Wow Beauty Let’s begin on the Inside:


At a recent Murad launch one of the things that stuck in my mind was that Howard Murad said that we need to ‘eat our water’: he explained that eating your water literally means eating foods that are high in water content like cucumber, watermelon etc…because it’s important that we don’t just think about hydration in terms of drinking the traditional eight glasses of water per day. Perfect logic right?

Tip: Follow Ayurvedic principles and drink your water slowly throughout the day as opposed to drinking large quantities in one sitting. Apparently when we drink of water gradually the body absorbs it better where do we drink it all at once with excreted super fast before it gets to nourish our cells.

Feed your skin

This is also the perfect time to start eating for skin ‘feed your skin’! its the perfect time to increase your intake of essential fatty acids with foods like avocado, oily fish and seeds: EFA’S are essential for skin plumping, inflammation and a healthy brain function. We asked one of our favourite nutritionists Sandra Greenbank for her top tip and she said:

Eat the rainbow. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants which help protect us from cellular damage caused by free radicals. We come into contact with free radicals all the time, for example from sun exposure, eating fried food, drinking alcohol, pollution etc but free radicals are also produced by our own cells in the normal day to day processes. Each colour vegetable represents a set of antioxidants so for the full benefit, have some of each colour every day, i.e. red, yellow, blue, purple/blue, white, orange and green


These are a few of the products that we’ve handpicked for your winter skincare kit, these are all very effective and packed with ingredients that deliver results and of course I’m recommending them because they are all products that I enjoy using because they work.

Here we go…

Favourite serums and oils: These are quite varied in both ingredients and price 

Antonia Burrell Press Serum: “From the first couple of days use I’ve loved the effect on my skin. Moist and nourished, the effects of which last all day. This is easily absorbed and leaves a silky smooth finish.”  Our full review is here.

Vintner’s Daughter: “This luscious oil has developed cult status and there is good reason: it has been formulated with 22 active and wild crafted botanicals and is designed for all skin types, healing phyto nutrients, strengthening phytoceramides, firming amino acids and brightening vitamins and  it deeply moisturises, nourishes, plumps and makes your skin glow.”

Vanderohe No. 1 Nourishing Serum: “As soon as you open the bottle and inhale the pureness of the ingredients, they start to work on you, they start to envelop you … it’s like apart from the initial pleasure of smelling pure rose, lavender and other yummy oils, this oil goes deeper and seems to tap into the part of the brain that deals with moods and emotions, creating a calm euphoria this is due to the sheer power of organically sourced ‘active’ essential oils.”  We’ve got a full review of this here.

Zelens High Potency Vit