Picture the scene – it’s been a long, busy but fruitful day and you finally have some time for yourself…your neck and shoulders are stiff and achy after all that computer work etc….and all you want is a soothing bath followed by bed…

This is where Kiss The Moon come to the rescue with their bespoke range of luscious, sleep focused aromatherapy based bath and body products. I’m supposed to be talking about their fabulous new Glow nighttime body cream, which is divine …but I can’t help but talk about other parts of the glow range while I’m at it. It all starts with the bath and who doesn’t love a beautifully scented bath experience? Well, you’re in for a treat and spoilt for choice with Kiss the Moon’s Glow bath offerings because there’s a bath oil and bath salts to choose from.

Glow After Dark Bath oil

Not only does this smell heavenly thanks to aromatherapy oils of geranium, orange, myrrh and litsea but it delivers moisturising softness thanks to coconut, jojoba and rosehip seed oils too. This blend helps to ease anxiety and sooth stresses away….so simply exhale the day and inhale the goodness.

Glow Bedtime Bath Salts

Perfect if you want a therapeutic bath rich in fragrance, plus the relaxing effect of Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts – these mineral rich salts contain magnesium which is known for its relaxation qualities.

Glow Night Time Body Cream

What better way to complete your bedtime ritual is there than to massage your skin with a lush and fragrant night cream designed exclusively for your body? One of my favourite things about this cream apart from its fragrance is the fact that it is a ‘dry’ cream …what I mean is that it doesn’t leave your skin sticky or clammy and yet you can feel the effects of the butters that form base, namely Shea and mango. Its therapeutic benefits come from the glow blend of Rose geranium, myrrh, orange etc…using this cream at night makes you feel as though you’ve wrapped your body in a luxurious robe.

You can purchase these gorgeous nighttime wellbeing products from here the D.O.R. Beauty Edit.