The weather has changed, the days are getting darker and I don’t know about you but I find that I want to switch up my makeup as the seasons change too. Sometimes, it’s a nice way to boost your mindset and there’s certainly a particular aesthetic that comes in the winter months… less about floral, brights and there’s a shift to deeper, richer colours.

Depending on your make-up style, you may like the idea of switching things up seasonally. If you are a minimalist who only ever wears a red lip, then keep on doing it of course. If, however, you like to switch things up, chances are that you’ve been wearing slightly different make-up this summer, so as we head into winter here are some possible alternatives to switch it up for the next season…


A good primer makes all the difference to your make-up, helping to make it last longer and hiding minor imperfections as well as providing much-needed hydration during the colder months. Look for a nice hydrating primer that will give you a glow.


You may want to consider switching your foundation from a lighter, dewier formula to something more satin. This will guarantee a flawless look throughout autumn.


If you love using a bronzer, maybe you can switch to one with less shimmer that gives you a ‘lit from within’ healthy glow! Try not to use too dark a highlighter as you want to make sure the skin on your body matches that of your face (and your dwindling tan!)

The Eyes

If you like making a feature of your eyes, you are spoilt for choice with a multitude of textures, so why not try a metallic eyeshadow, soft smoky eyes or a brightly coloured eyeliner for a pop of colour during the drearier months… it can give you a mood boost too!


You may also wish to switch up your lip game from using a lip gloss to one of the new tinted lip balms that deliver a shot of colour and nourishing, lip-loving ingredients… I find my lips getting very dry and chapped in the winter months, so using something that has nourishing ingredients too is a must-have.

How do you switch up your makeup for the winter months?